The SHAPE of Post-Covid Communities

A Community Conversation As part of the British Academy SHAPE initiative  (social sciences, humanities and the arts for people and the economy), and in collaboration with our colleagues from the The Glasgow Centre for Population Health we are holding a community conversation. The focus of this is to inform and develop a showcase of case studies … Continue reading The SHAPE of Post-Covid Communities

New #UofGEngage Forum is Now Live!

On Friday 5th Feb 2021, we launched #UofGEngage with an amazing group of speakers from across all four colleges: Katrina Igglesden (College of Arts) – using social media & online workshops to engage Pacific Island communities with barkcloth research.Megan MacLeod (College of MVLS) - re-imagining schools engagement to combine online and in-person activities, and exploring … Continue reading New #UofGEngage Forum is Now Live!

Manoeuvring Research Around Covid-19 Lockdowns By Maki Rooksby

Maki stands next to artwork 'Covid-19 Germs' by Minako Rooksby @rooksbym SOcial Brain in Action (SOBA) lab UofG’s IN&P @UofGPsychology An Abrupt Pause In March 2020, I was one of many, many people whose work had come to an abrupt pause. The UK had taken the most decisive action to date against the Covid-19 … Continue reading Manoeuvring Research Around Covid-19 Lockdowns By Maki Rooksby