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Anti-Racism: Disrupting and Transforming Systems

In this blog, Shruti Jain shares her reflections on systems change and the need for meaningful collaboration that shares power, with the example of anti-racism. This was a feature of our recent digital Community Conversation on the SHAPE of Post-Covid Communities held in partnership with the University of Glasgow’s #UofGEngage Forum. This first conversation exploredContinue reading “Anti-Racism: Disrupting and Transforming Systems”

Collaborate with Govanhill Baths

Govanhill Baths Community Trust (GBCT) is a grassroots activist-based organisation in the heart of Govanhill delivering wide ranging health, wellbeing, arts, environmental and heritage projects. They are keen to explore potential collaborations with the University of Glasgow. GBCT emerged 20 years ago as a grassroots campaign to return Govanhill Baths to community ownership as aContinue reading “Collaborate with Govanhill Baths”

Facilitating Uncertainty: Part 1

Uncertain? Welcome to the club!  Our work supporting researchers and partners to build relationships with communities for the purposes of developing empowering research projects and engagements often involves facilitating groups of people to understand how they will collaborate. Even with careful preparation and facilitation plans, we find that uncertainty can present a powerful but sometimes unacknowledged ‘player’ or elephant in the (digital) room.   We readily accept that our abilities to support groupsContinue reading “Facilitating Uncertainty: Part 1”

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